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by   Posted on January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to this blog where I first intend to propose reflections and practices about CSCL, which is a quite modern way to relate to students and manage teaching.

As a teacher and school manager I joined this Teacher Challenge, because I’m taking a post graduation course and focusing on CSCL, so I believe that a blog is a great tool to promote this process of learning.

I want to learn more about blogs because it’s part of the language students are using and I think teachers should really try to be aware of that.

It’s been quite easy so far to work with this blog. Let’s see what comes next!!!

The truth is that I’m really enjoying it!!

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  1. Hi Luciana,

    I found your blog through Twitter, I love how social media makes the world even smaller. If you’re interested in ESL podcasts that you could use when teaching English to give students listening practice the website is great. At Culips.com we focus on natural English as it’s spoken in Canada.

    Culips ESL Podcast

  2. Hi Harp,
    Welcome. I’ll check the site and give you feedback.
    Thanks for visiting.

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