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1. What is this blog for?

This blog is a space to share impressions, ideas, knowledge, links with people interested in learning all around the world.

2. To blog or not to blog?

Blog definitely. It opens one’s mind to a great world of information on your interests. That means there is always something useful and interesting to read and learn.

3. When did you start?

Just started.

4. Why did you start?

First, my goal is to learn and be able to help teachers in Brasília about the advantages of using blogs in class, as I work in a public language school in Brazil, I think it is going to be of great interest.

Second, I want to work on my PLE/N and share thoughts and ideas about learning and teaching ESL.

5. What is your most exciting moment?

I think viewing comments is a pleasure to a blogger, that means there is someone interested in what you are writing, and your opinions. I feel like a famous writer, whose readers are sending comments on his/her books.

6. What is the hardest moment?

As a novice, I need guidance, so I know what to write about. Sometimes trying to write and not being able to start, makes me feel I have nothing to say. But then a topic appears on twitter, or other blogs and the ideas come and flow.

7. What is your opinion on blogs?

The possibility to express ideas through the web is an amazing and democratic aspect of blogs. People who usually would have no voice can now open their minds to the world, they can be heard, no matter what their social or financial condition, sexual orientation, age, school background, skin color, religion or political position is, people can say what they want to say.

8. What is one way blogs can be used in an ESL class?

Students individually or in groups can create a blog about a book they read, creating a page for each character and posting information about everything in the book.

9. What is something teachers starting a blog should know?

Teachers should know that students are already using blogs and we are far behind them, mainly because they are native digital literates and although it is not easy, everyone can learn and use them (blogs) effectively.

Where does your future lie?

Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a consultant in Brasilia on techie tools for teaching. Or maybe I’ll just continue learning and sharing with my teacher friends and students.

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  1. I was so impressed with your blog interview. I really appreciated your comment about students already using blogs, so we teachers need to catch up so to speak. I also found your comment on your hardest moments to be very honest and representative of many educational bloggers including myself. I would echo your sentiments about your most exciting moment. It is so great to receive those comments. I hope you continue to enjoy the Teacher Challenge, and happy blogging.

  2. Dear Shelly,

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your warm comments. As you can see I’m just starting and I would really appreciate any help. I have just been to your blog and to one of your student’s, too. Got some ideas there. Thanks a lot!

  3. G’day Luciana,
    Fantastic interview. When you start blogging it is such a steep learning curve, but one thing I found that helped, was visiting other people’s blogs and leaving them comments. They would generally come back to your blog then to leave a comment.

    To make sure they know where to come to leave a comment, you need to go to your dashboard, and under users >profile, make sure you have put your blog URL (including http://) in the website box.

    Good luck in the challenge and feel free to visit my class blog by clicking on my name or the avatar.

  4. I am not sure if implementing blogs can be a very effective, in-class startegy. it makes sense as an extra-curricular activity as part of homework. good luck with your blog!

    business english dublin

  5. Hi Mike,
    I understand what you mean. It would take too much time of the class. I would just start helping the students create their pages and then would ask them to do activities at home in groups or individually, that would be, as you said, part of all the work they would have to do. Thanks for your comments and your visit.

  6. Congratulations on this nice blog – a good example for us to follow! Loved your “10 Things to ask your blog.” I teach a distance course in TESOL at a university in Florida. My teacher-trainees are getting their first experience with blogs this semester, and I would love to share your interview with them – if, of course, you will give your permission? – Marcia Yingling

  7. Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for visiting and for the warm comments. You’ve made my day. That would be a pleasure to have my post being used to help other teachers. That’s really why I study and teach. Feel free to use it and please, tell me how it worked so I can do it with my teachers, too.


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