VOKIS – A funny collaborative tool.

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I was thinking about some of the tools I got in contact lately, and they are amazing. So I thought that giving a practical aproach to CSCL would be interesting as we have lots of theories on the web. Of course, I’ll also be posting on the texts I read, but I believe that giving ideas, after I have tried them, would be good to start.

I first saw this tool at http://techietoolstotry.edublogs.org/, and I started thinking of ways to use it in class. So here are 10 ideas to use VOKI with ESL students. If you try any of them let me know.

1. Elementary: Students can introduce themselves through VOKI;

2. Describing: Routine, house, rooms, food.

3. Reading: Create a VOKI for a character of a book and perform the part of the book they like the most;

4. Pronunciation: Students should record their voices reading a paragraph;

5. Pair work: Students can interview each other using their VOKIS;

6. Students could also sing thier favorite song and here it’s possible to add some great effects to their voices, too;

7. Create and broadcats  news about anything;

8. Record comments on movies;

9. Send holiday messages to their colleagues;

10. Create a blog and add a VOKI to it.

The following VOKI was just a try, singing: Have FUN!!!

Get a Voki now!

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  1. Hi Luciana
    Wow! Some great ideas for using Voki. I need to be more focused on the possible applications of the technology, and recording those in my blog as well as just the technology itself.

    I would love to share these ideas with our language teacher – our school has German as a subject. Loved your singing, too!

    For our younger students learning to read, particularly the ESL and learning support students, this might be a fun way of getting them practising their reading. It is such a benefit getting inspired by colleagues!

  2. Hello mrsw28,
    Thanks for your visit. Come always as I’ll be sharing ideas to use other tools, here. I’m glad I can help. I would really appreciate if you and any visitor could leave blogs addresses or other contacts so we can get together sometimes.
    Welcome and thanks!!!

  3. hi again Luciana
    My blog is

    Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

  4. WOW !!! I love the VOKI application !!! Will check it out more !!!
    I teach English to Japanese children and they will love this !!

    ps… nice singing ! is that you, Luciana ?

  5. Hi Kieran Bogan,
    It’s always nice to have visitors. Thank you and welcome.
    Yes, that’s me having fun and yes, I believe all students will love to record themselves as many times as they want to show their best.
    Come always and thank you again!

  6. thanks for the mass of suggestions for Voki – now I am inspired and can;t wait to get started on some of them with my new class

  7. Thank you Claire. If you have any other idea, let me know.

  8. Luciana,
    If you see a picture in the comment avatar, you should be able to click on it and you will be sent to that person’s blog. Sometimes it is the person’s name you click on instead. That saves putting your blog URL in every comment.

  9. Thanks for the great list of uses in the classrooms. Seeing the list made me reevaluate how I am going to post resources on blog. I have been using my blog as placeholder really and not a place to reflect on what the technology and resources could actually be used for in the classroom.

  10. Hi, Jana
    Thanks for your visit. I also think it is difficult ot define what a blog is going to be about, the personality of the blog. I’m still working on it.
    Come always!

  11. Hi Miss W.,
    Thanks for your help and attention.
    Come always.

  12. Great singing, maybe, if you didn’t teach upside down to catch attention, you could put your instructions in to song and they have to revise in chorus!! Haha.
    Great ideas for ESL, I think teaching ESL is so good, there is always a new way to teach something that could otherwise be boring.
    If students didn’t have blogs, could they just send the voki link to the teacher do you think?

  13. Great idea!!


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