How to use animated videos in ELT classes

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Hi everybody,

Sorry for being away for so long. I come here every day, but find no time to write because of school work, children and studies, but I couldn’t resist today and stopped everything to write a post.

Music is one of the best ways to catch students’ attention. I learned English because I wanted to understand the songs I liked, when I was young (just a little time ago) Then nowadays I see my students motivated by the same reason, they love listening to music, they love singing, they love everything related to music.

I was taken today to Nik Peachey’s blog : and was amazed by the ideas he gives on using music to teach English.

In the post: “Create a Web Based Song Activity in Minutes”, he teaches how to use Batlyrics, a site that provides videos and lyrics of songs that can be used to help students focus on grammar topics. But then browsing around his blog I got to another post about music in class: Animated Music Videos for EFL and I would include ESL or ELT in general. The animations show very simple drawings to represent the lyrics.

This is one wonderful piece of work by Serene Rhapsody

And here is another great work by Music and Muffins

You can see the videos on You Tube Music and Muffins or Serene Rhapsody

How to use it in class?

• Students can draw simple pictures like the ones in the video and create their own video in pairs or in groups;
• Also, the teacher can use the videos to teach vocabulary and other expressions that are in the lyrics;
• It is possible to create a digital story at Animoto, which is another great tool to create videos online with music and other great effects;
• And finally, the teacher could select a song with the class bring the sentences of the song and give one for each student. Then, ask them to draw a picture of the sentence they got and with a camera take pictures of the drawings and use the images to create an animated video.

I can not imagine how funny it would be!!
Thanks Nik for sharing your wonderful ideas!!!

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  1. I watched these videos and just loved them. The idea of having students to draw is very interesting. There are also some websites where cartoons can be created, and it can be help students who would say “I can’t do it since I can’t draw!”
    Congrats for your work! Keep going!

  2. Thanks dear,
    Great idea for begginers, isn’t it? It is always difficult to work with music with them.

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